Strategy for Open Workout 15.4

This is a first in the storied five year history of the CrossFit Games Open series: handstand push-ups. Many of you have asked for this. Some of you newbies have been dreading this. But this movement, at this point in the season, is long overdue. And IMHO, another “win” for HQ’s programming. We should be seeing this movement in the Open (and heavier weight). It’s a staple, and those folks advancing to subsequent rounds (Regionals, Games, Masters Qualifier) should have virtuosity with it. So even with the new standards (which I think are a great improvement over “the box”) those folks who are serious about this sport, shouldn’t have any problem with it.

Another win is that HQ has gone with the heaviest clean, 185lb for the men and 125lb for the women, we’ve seen in the Open to date. Not exactly what I’d call absolutely heavy, but certainly heavy enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. So on to the video:

Strategy and tips for Open Workout 15.4