Strategy for CrossFit Open 16.5

Black Star Strategy for CrossFit Open 16.5

Another year of the CrossFit Open is coming to a close. I would say this year marks the best (the most well rounded in testing the strength-endurance continuum) year of programming ever. I would even say that after the somewhat disappointing announcement of the 16.5 workout. Not because I don’t like the workout. I do. It’s challenging and a burner. I simply don’t like the fact that bar facing burpees has already been tested as a movement. Why not test a CrossFit staple movement like box jumps? Or something new, like a short shuttle run (they’ve presented that move in the Judge’s Course)? But that one flaw aside, I think the programming for the Open, particularly for the past two years, is far and above what it used to be. Congrats HQ.

In the spirit of repeat workouts, I’ll just repeat the video I did for 14.5, since the advice is virtually the same for 16.5. The one thing I would change from the original video is… go faster than you did two years ago!



M 95 lb.
F 65 lb.