How To Load A Wheelbarrow

Event 2 in the 2015 CrossFit Games is a throwback to the 2010 Games. Moving a bunch of heavy sandbags from one side of the tennis stadium at the Stub Hub Center to the other. Transporting the bags is done in part by simple human effort and partially with the use of a wheelbarrow. This workout, probably along with the debut of “Amanda”, was the most interesting and fun event at the 2010 Games.

This is a quick guerrilla style video I did for Elisabeth Akinwale before we knew the exact details of the event. I did not have a wheelbarrow at home or at the gym so I had to infiltrate my local hardware store and “borrow” one of theirs. I got as much in as I could before we started getting disapproving stares. Enjoy.

This also kicks off a series of “How-To Do Stuff” videos we hope to do continuously over time. We will tag them “how-to”. Convenient right?

“Sandbag 2015”
For time:
Move 720 / 480 lb. of sandbags across the stadium

Men move 4 100-lb. bags and 4 80-lb. bags
Women move 4 70-lb. bags and 4 50-lb. bags

Athletes begin on the stadium floor and will run to the top of the stairs on the north side of the stadium, then must move all the sandbags down the stairs, across the stadium floor, up the wall and to the top of the stairs on the south side of the stadium. Each athlete will have access to a wheelbarrow to use in moving the bags across the floor. The event is complete when all bags have been piled on the opposite side of the stadium.